2UE: More to Greek food than kebabs!


Greek Food: Executive Chef at KefiRestaurant, David Tsirekas is amaster of Greek food. He decided to bring Angela Catterns in gyros to convince her that there is more to Greek food than just those greasy kebabs!




Posted by: David Prior | 26 August, 2014 – 8:23 AM

David Tsirekas turns to Greek street food at Kingsgrove’s Kefi

Scott Bolles

The collapse of his Xanthi restaurant earlier this year at Westfield Sydney weighed heavily on chef David Tsirekas, so it’s good to see queues snaking out the door at the just-opened Kefi (231 Kingsgrove Road, Kingsgrove), where he has signed on as executive chef.

Tsirekas is stepping away from fine-dining and turning out Greek street food, but this isn’t your standard souvlaki bar; soft-shell crab wraps and lamb intestines are on the menu.

”Pork is the traditional Greek favourite, but people are going for lamb,” he  says. Kefi will also open a taverna at the location in August.

On behalf of Steve and Con we would like to welcome head chef David Tsirekas to our Kefi family

On behalf of Steve and Con we would like to welcome head chef David Tsirekas to our Kefi family . David is an accomplished chef with many years of experience in the industry . David has experienced the highs of the industry with awards and accolades . For the last 13 years he has had the honour of many industry awards from his peers . His restaurants Perama and Xanthi were both acknowledged with a hat .”My decision to join Kefi was to do the simplicity of Greek food perfectly . With the love that is in the cooking like our families and ancestors have created for generations . After having many opportunities at the top of the industry , I felt closer to Steve and Con’s vision for Kefi of giving the people a quality product which is accessible to everybody in a surrounding that encapsulates the classical Greek style”. We look forward to sharing our passion and dreams with all of you.